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Southern Oregon’s Siskiyou Romp

Taking a whitewater rafting trip on Oregon’s Rogue River makes for a wonderful whitewater adventure in the Pacific Northwest and the perfect summer vacation for singles, families, and groups. We provide self-bailing inflatable kayaks for those who desire adventurous solo encounters, paddleboats for group camaraderie and participation, and oar boats for those who want to relax and take it all in.

Sparkling feisty rapids like Tyee, Wildcat, Slim Pickins, Black Bar Falls, and Blossom Bar provide excitement during the day and in the evenings, you'll have the opportunity to dine on our renowned wilderness gourmet fare which has for 39 years satisfied the most discriminating palate. On our Special Theme Trips you’ll be able to listen to our classical musicians, taste the wines of our celebrated winemakers, or discover the natural history of the canyon.

Whether floating the Rogue or hiking on the adjacent trail, you’ll find the environs teeming with wildlife: deer browsing along banks, bear scrambling along the hillsides, otter cavorting in rocky grottoes, great blue heron flying to their perches, osprey and eagles catching trout are also highlights of the trip.

The Rogue River trail which parallels the stream provides an inspiration for runners and hikers and access to magical forests and lush side creeks with body chutes.

"Just a note to thank you for making my vacation a perfect time. The food and wine, of course, were superb, but the magic was the people and that you and your staff all allowed us to become a clan. I'll remember this trip forever. It's incredible that a dream I had for so long could be surpassed by the reality."

— Thelma Sullock


"We set up camp at Solitude Bar while the musicians play Handel's Water Music. Vintner Joel Peterson hauls out the Ravenswood Merlots and Cabernets for tasting. Our chef serves leg of lamb with a demiglaze of zinfandel, mint, and mushrooms. The stars are intense, I lie in my sleeping bag, listening to the sound of water rushing toward the coast, And then, just before I fall asleep: the guttural tones of the cello." 

— Lynn Ferrin
Via Magazine




#1 JUNE 3-6
Adults, $1025; Youths, $925
#2 JUNE 9-12
Adults, $1025; Youths, $925

#3 JUNE 16-20
Adults, $1350; Youths, $1215


#4 JUNE 22-26
Adults, $1350; Youths, $1350


#4 SEP 16-19
Adults, $1215; Youths, $1095

Whitewater; For Novices and Seasoned Boaters; 4-5 days of rafting and 1 layover day on 5 day trips only.
Paddlerafts, oar boats, and inflatable kayaks, optional walking, low elevation, warm to hot climate, tent camping. Individuals are welcome from age 7 up. There is no upper-age limit.


"I just want to thank you for one of the best times I've ever had! I was so inspired by the river and so happy to be amongst such fun-loving, generous and intellegent people. I swear the river is still moving through me and teaching me new things all the time. It was a gift to play music for all of you and I hope and pray that I get a chance to do it all again."

—Chris Rua

rogue river whitewater rafting trips_oregon river trips_river_trips_wildernessThe Rogue is our most enchanting haunt; a beautiful, luxuriant river that winds gracefully through the richly-forested Siskiyou Mountains alternating sudden sparkling whitewater chutes and percolating chasms of froth with quiet swimmable sections. The pace of our trips makes for a real vacation! We poke around, hiking up side creeks and along beautiful trails. Particpants will have an opportunity to swim at lunch breaks and to jog or hike on the Rogue River trail, photograph, read, or just hang out and enjoy the tranquility. On layover days (5 day trips only), there is additional time for enjoying the environs.

Day 0 Hometown to Grants Pass or Galice
Please note that Day 0 is your Day in Transit from your Hometown to Grants Pass or Galice, Oregon. This day is the day before the published date in our brochure.

Day 1 Almeda Bar-Whiskey Creek
Please Note that Day 1 is the published date in the brochure.
We suggest that participants have breakfast in Grants Pass before leaving for the river. Those who are staying in Grants Pass and do not have their rogue_river_inflatable kayak trips_oregon_wilderness_river_trips_wine_tastingown transportation may arrange with our office to be picked up at 9:00 A.M. at their hotel/motel and transported to Galice Resort at 9:45 A.M. (See pre-departure supplement) Those individuals who are camping or who desire
to camp at the end of the trip will drive to Galice Resort, meet the group at 10:15 AM and park their cars for the
duration of the trip.

Everyone (flyers and drivers) will then pack into waterproof bags and then be transported from the Galice Resort to Almeda Bar (5 minutes), our put-in point.

After we load the rafts, have a river safety rap, and demonstration of paddling techniques, we push off downstream. We usually camp at Whiskey Creek, seven miles downstream from our start. Prior to dinner, participants can explore the delightful forested trail above our campsite, an old cabin from the days of the homesteaders or swim in the river. Before dinner, we usually lay out an assortment of cheezes, crackers, and on wine tasting trips, savor the varietals of our guest winemaker. On trips that have musicians along, this is their moment. As we sip our wine on the banks of the Rogue, these talented instrumentalists play exquisite pieces from the Early, Renaissance, and Baroque periods along with more "kick up your heels" Irish folk, Celtic, Balkan, and Gypsy roots.

Day 2 Whiskey Creek-Battle Bar
Breakfast is usually around 8:30 a.m. Following breakfast, we pack our bags, and then load the boats. Run Tyee, Wildcat, Slim Pickins, and innumerable whitewater chutes and rapids. Lunch at Black Bar Falls. Wild rock gardens surround the area. Camping at Battle Bar, we can take a night hike hear raccoons, screech owls, great horned owls, and other nocturnal critters.

Day 3 Battle Bar-Tate Creek
This is a long and gratifying river day. This stretch of the river is home of otter, pond turtles, golden eagles, great blue herons, osprey and western azaleas. We will run
the two major rapids of the river, Mule Creek Canyon and Blossom Bar and a myriad of other Class III rapids. We'll have lunch above Mule Creek Canyon. The late afternoon paddle takes us past numerous seeps, sensuous waterfalls with rhododendrons, Pacific dogwood and Japanese Rock gardens filled with ferns to Tate Creek.

Day 4 Tate Creek-Foster Bar-Galice Resort-Grants Pass
After breakfast, we will hike up to a waterfall to slide down a Hawaiian-style body chute. The delicate creek is one of the most photogenic bodies of water to be encountered. Individuals can also hike upstream on the Rogue River trail and pass under tall growths of Douglas-fir rain forest and through lush undergrowth of fern and salal. Runners, who rise early, will be able to take advantage of the incredible trail and go for an extended runrogue river whitewater rafting trips_oregon river trips through the enchanted cathedral-lighted forests and over the rocky outcroppings. After lunch, we float downstream for six miles to the take-out at Foster Bar. After gearing down, all participants will be shuttled back to The Galice Resort (2-2 1/2 hours) and then to Grants Pass (2.45 hours) motels. On 4 day trips, participants can expect the take-out to be at approximately 3:00 P.M., arrival at Galice Resort at approximately 5:00-6:00 P.M. and Grants Pass Motels at 5:45-6:45 P.M.

*Please note that the itinerary listed above is for a four-day trip. At times, we also operate a five-day trips. These four and five-day trips cover 39 miles. The four and five-day trips are all-camping departures. On four-day trips we do not a have a layover day while our five-day trips have a layover at Blossom Bar, Tate Creek or FloraDell. The layover day provides the opportunity to do additional hiking, swimming, kayaking, sketching, photography, and listen to our classical trio.


GROUP SIZE: The Rogue River trip are limited to summer departures of 10 participants on a small launch, 20 on a large launch, and 14 on fall dates from September 16 on.

Land Cost:
Please refer to this Trip Profile or our Schedule and Price list on this website. Please note that Adult fares apply for participants who are 18 and older. Youth fares apply for the ages of 7-17.

Land Costs Include-The following are included in your Rogue River trip:
*Shuttle from Galice Resort to Almeda Bar
*Four or five days of rafting (depending on your particular trip)
*All on-river meals (lunch the first day through lunch the last day)
*Shuttle from take-out to Galice Resort.

Land Costs Do Not Include-You are responsible for the following:
*Air or ground transportation from hometown to Galice, Oregon
Round trip shuttle from Medford Airport to Grants Pass or Galice is approx.
$10-$56/person (sliding scale)
*One-way shuttle from Grants Pass to Galice is $5-$36 (sliding scale)
*Meals and lodging in Grants Pass
*Personal clothing and other gear
*Tents and sleeping bag units are available on a rental basis
*Gratuities to guides
*$10.00/person U.S. Forest Service “Access Fee”

REGISTRATION - To reserve space on any trip please fill out this Reservation Form and send it in to our office with a deposit in the following amounts: $250 for all Rogue trips. Balance due 60 days before departure. Upon receipt of deposit, you will receive a complete pre-departure packet which includes detailed travel logistics, an equipment list, bibliography, medical certificate and trip cancellation insurance. Although we do not write air tickets, we would be happy to consult with you about your air reservations.

We meet everyone at Galice Resort at 10:15 AM the morning of your trip date and include all transportation from Galice Resort to the put-in at Almeda Bar. At trip's end, we provide transportation for everyone back to their parked cars at Galice Resort. Those individuals who are not staying in Galice and need to continue on to Grants Pass or Medford may continue on to their respective hotels in Grants Pass or Medford for an additional fee.

By air: One should plan on flying to Medford, Oregon via United or Horizon (Alaska Air) the day before your trip begins and then take limousine transportation from the airport to motels in Grants Pass or, more conveniently, to Galice. One should make return flights for the day after the trip as it is impossible to get to the airport in time for a flight on the day we get off the river. Those flying out the day following the trip can arrange transportation to Medford Airport with one of the shuttle companies. *Pre-departure literature will give detailed instructions about limo transportation.

James Henry River Journeys has been outfitters on the Rogue since 1973. James Henry River Journeys has permission to operate on the Rogue through the B.L.M. in Medford, Oregon. Our guides are licensed through the Oregon State Marine Board. James Henry River Journeys is an equal opportunity service provider.

Our trip facilitators (see Special Trips) will be assisted by the veteran crew of James Henry River Journeys who each have 6-43 years of rafting experience. What will make your trip a safe and memorable one, is the attitude, competence, good humor, and gentle relatedness of the crew. They are dedicated entertainers, masterful chefs, and mature veterans of many expeditions. They have been trained in first aid, CPR, and emergency rescue procedures.

This raft trip is designed for a broad-range of adventure enthusiasts who want to experience the joys of white-water river running on one of North America's most exquisite rivers.

Previous camping or river experience is not necessary. The Rogue has some very challenging Class III rapids (intermediate difficulty). However, the warmth of the water and surrounding air, combined with its alternation of quiet stretches with sudden whitewater chutes, make it an ideal journey for novices and families. Minimum Age is 7 years.

Being able to swim is not of consequence. Everyone is required to wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life preserver at all times on the rafts or walking near rapids. Participants will be able to do some hiking at campsites usually after breakfast and in the evenings before dinner.

All trip members should be in good health and average-good physical condition. Paddling is a mildly strenuous to strenuous activity. Those who do not desire to paddle may ride in the oar boats. Those who feel like having a challenging solo encounter with the river, may opt for the inflatable kayak. You will be given a great deal of personal instruction

The Rogue has one major impoundment above where we put in, thus flows are usually very consistent all summer long, varying between 2,500-4,000 c.f.s. (cubic feet/sec.)

The group will be entirely self-sufficient. We will carry our food, cook gear, clothes, tents, and sleeping bags in the boats. The group will be limited to 19 participants. We welcome anyone who is 7 years or older, and wants to partake in the spirit of a river journey; sharing with others the joys of wilderness living and travel. If your child is less than 7, please give us a call. We do make exceptions.

Please note that our day-to-day itinerary on the river is flexible, and will depend on river levels, weather and inclinations of participants.

Daytime temperatures usually range between 75 and 100 degrees during the summer. Night temperatures are in the high 50's, 60's, and 70's. The weather is generally excellent. The river temperature is in the mid-60's.

Fresh food will be available and international camp cookery will fill the whetted appetites. Known for our remarkable cuisine, you'll savor every mouthful. See Meals.

Good health and average-good physical condition are prerequisites for this trip. See details see Medical and Health.

See What equipment JHRJ provides and Types of Boats.

We use specially designed inflatable whitewater rafts that are multi-compartmented and unsinkable. On each trip there are from two to five boats, with a low participant to guide ratio. We row all of the gear in 16-18 foot boats and are usually able to put on one paddle boat to give individuals the opportunity to actively participate in the river trip. Our Riken self-bailing kayaks are the "state of the art" in terms of comfort and maneuverability.

Please note that we do not guarantee space in inflatable kayaks. We will bring a number of them, but if there are more people who wish to ride in these boats than there are space, we will rotate so that everyone gets chance to participate. Paddle rafts and inflatable kayaks are available only when conditions permit and when there are enough people interested in this option. Please indicate your preference on your ROGUE TRIP LOGISTICS SHEET.

We have a limited number of sleeping bags and inflatable pads available on a rental basis. Cost of $25 per unit. Tents may be rented for $25/trip.

A complete equipment checklist will be sent to all trip members upon registration. We usually have great weather in the heart of the summer mid-June through the end of August, and cooler and more variable weather on May and early June trips and mid-September departures. It is the responsibility of everyone coming on a Rogue trip to be adequately prepared for inclement weather at any time of the season. Wool clothing/and or fleece garments, and completely waterproof raingear are necessary in the event of a spring/summer storm.

There are tremendous opportunities to photograph the environs, other rafters, running rapids, and wildlife during the trip.

If you have to cancel your trip, please notify us as soon as possible. See Cancellations JHRJ.

See Trip Insurance.

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James Henry River Journeys.

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Rogue Special Trips.

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